These four home décor trends are the ones to watch in 2024, according to Pinterest

Maximalist design and deliberate style statements are expected to dominate the landscape of home décor in 2024, as highlighted in the forward-looking 2024 Pinterest Predicts report.

Renowned for its foresight in predicting emerging trends, Pinterest leverages insights from its vast user base of 482 million monthly users seeking advice and inspiration across various lifestyle categories, such as travel, food, and home décor.

The annual report meticulously analyzes two years’ worth of global search patterns, boasting an impressive 80 percent accuracy rate, according to Pinterest.

According to Pinterest’s projections, the following trends are anticipated to be the focal points of home décor in 2024:

  1. Cafécore

In the aftermath of the pandemic, homeowners are persistently crafting spaces that resemble amenities, enabling them to indulge in their hobbies and interests within the comfort of their homes.

For avid coffee enthusiasts, this translates into unleashing their inner barista to fashion a home coffee bar that rivals the ambiance of any café. Pinterest notes a remarkable 1,125 percent surge in searches for “coffee bar styling.”

This burgeoning trend invites homeowners to either create an elaborate coffee bar complete with all the trimmings or ingeniously utilize available space on an empty shelf to showcase coffee-related items.

coffee shop chalkboard with drawings of coffee cups
Coffee shop chalkboards will be in high demand : Photo Credit Adobe Stock

Chalkboard Chic

One particularly sought-after trend is the classic coffee shop chalkboard sign, with a significant surge in searches for “chalk sign ideas” by 100 percent and “cafe chalkboard” by 50 percent.

Eclectic Kitchen Revival

In 2024, traditional white kitchens are taking a backseat as homeowners embrace a more eclectic and kitschy vibe. Picture a blend of eclectic and vintage elements infused with intentional pops of colors and textures.

Pinterest users are actively seeking inspiration, evident in the 160 percent increase in searches for “eccentric kitchens,” a 75 percent rise in “kitschy kitchen” searches, and a 50 percent uptick in searches for “eclectic kitchen décor.”

Retro appliances, especially those in vibrant hues, will be highly coveted. Trendsetters are advised to start their quest early, as thrift stores are expected to see a surge in demand for bright, patterned vintage kitchen accents, including plates, cookware, wall art, and textiles.

In the realm of kitchen colors, expect to see a surge in popularity for bold choices like Barbie-bright pink and lively greens.

Metallic Marvels

Bid farewell to neutrals as 2024 heralds the return of the bling, according to Pinterest. Shiny metallics like aluminum and chrome are poised to take center stage, replacing the subdued matte and black fixtures that have dominated the scene.

This shift adds to the overarching maximalist theme that ties these trends together, creating a visually captivating home décor landscape.

Silver tones are gaining traction in search traffic, particularly for furniture and accents, with Pinterest users actively exploring ideas for aluminum furniture and doors.

Keep an eye on the surge in popularity for nail art in 2024, with Pinterest reporting an impressive 295 percent increase in searches. This trend underscores the interconnectedness of fashion, encompassing both décor and clothing accents. Searches for metal corsets and the layering of silver necklaces are on the rise, offering unique possibilities for wall or tabletop art.

Western Gothic 

Western Gothic fuses vintage Americana with moody colors. Photo Credit: Pinterest

Western Gothic seamlessly merges traditional Americana elements with a palette of moody, stormy colors and distinctive accents. The trend is gaining momentum among Pinterest users, evident in a 145 percent increase in searches for this aesthetic and “vintage Americana.”

Drawing inspiration from popular ranch and farmhouse styles, characterized by the prominence of woods and highly textured materials, Western Gothic takes a bold turn by incorporating dark paint tones, denim, rich and intricate patterns, along with carefully chosen accents. This not only enhances the vintage charm associated with these elements but also introduces a visual and emotional depth through the use of a moody color palette.

Bedrooms are a focal point for enthusiasts of this aesthetic, as evidenced by a significant uptick in searches for “western bedding ideas” soaring by 310 percent. Pinterest users are keen on curating a space that reflects the essence of Western Gothic.

In their quest for the perfect accents, users are actively searching for “western mirror,” with a notable increase of 125 percent in related searches. This suggests a growing interest in finding complementary pieces that enhance and complete the Western Gothic style in various living spaces.

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