5 Pet-Friendly Ideas to Celebrate the Holidays

Make wonderful memories with your pet this holiday season, that will last a lifetime. Here are five creative ideas to help pets and their people enjoy this special season together. 1. Throw a dog-friendly holiday party Have an appropriate venue: start the party with a walk or have space for pets to burn off excess energy. Make sure that all dogs invited have been socialized and do well around...

woman with two cats

Maximizing Your Home’s Appeal to Pet Lovers

Doesn't it sound weird to refer to your dog or a cat as ''pets''? They are more like your child, your constant companion, the closest friend, and, naturally, the hairiest family member. In fact, they are omnipresent. Reports suggest that approximately 80 million American households include a pet. Considering their widespread presence in American homes, it's only logical that these furry creatures would...

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