Photo of living room with minimal christmas decorations

Staging Your Home During The Holidays

One of the biggest questions that tends to arise in the months leading up to December, is whether or not people should decorate their homes for the holidays while trying to sell. This is an interesting topic, as some people prefer to see what homes look like when decorated, while other people prefer to see the space without the distraction of decorations. We reached out to our RE/MAX Influencers – a...

5 Pet-Friendly Ideas to Celebrate the Holidays

Make wonderful memories with your pet this holiday season, that will last a lifetime. Here are five creative ideas to help pets and their people enjoy this special season together. 1. Throw a dog-friendly holiday party Have an appropriate venue: start the party with a walk or have space for pets to burn off excess energy. Make sure that all dogs invited have been socialized and do well around...

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