Holiday Home Decor Ideas

Here’s some great ideas we’ve put together for your holiday decor!

1. Festive Table Settings: Create beautiful table settings and centre pieces for holiday dinners.

2. Handmade Ornaments: Let the kids paint and create their own ornaments to add a personal and heartfelt touch to your holiday tree and decorations.

3. Wreath Making: Create wreaths for your front door or interior decor using seasonal flowers, and other materials, pine cones, berries, dried fruit, etc.

4. Holiday Mantel Decor: Decorating the fireplace mantle, garland, stock- ings, and creative arrangements for a festive focal point in the home.

5. Seasonal Pillows and Throws: Customize your own holiday-themed pillows and throws.

6. Lighting Ideas: Explore various ways to create a warm and inviting atmosphere with holiday lighting. This could include DIY candleholders, string lights, and decorative lanterns.

7. Door Decor: Create a welcoming front door decor. This could involve making a custom wreath, crafting a festive sign, or using unique planters.

8. Seasonal Wall Art: Create your own holiday-themed wall art or prints. Cut-out paper snowflakes or print your favourite family photos.

9. Holiday Home Fragrance: Make your own natural home fragrances for the holidays, like potpourri, simmering spices, or scented pinecones.

10. Outdoor Decor: Decorating the exterior of your home, such as creating a custom outdoor wreath, lighting displays, and pathway luminaries.

11. Cozy DIY Gifts: Make your own cozy holiday gifts, such as homemade hot cocoa mix, baking boxes, scented candles, or knitted scarves.

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