Prepare Your Kids For Moving To A New Home

Moving is a difficult and stressful process for most adults and they understand why they must do it. You probably weren’t entirely thrilled to know that you must change your current home, neighbourhood, job, and city. Now, you can only imagine how hard is for children to accept the idea of leaving their friends, school, and room behind. For this reason, while you are preparing for your move, you will also need to prepare your kids for moving to a new home. It is a little bit different than usual. You still need to hire a reputable moving company, prepare your belongings, and get packing supplies. The only difference is that you will have more items to pack and children to think of. Here is how you can help your kids to prepare for a move.

What do you need to do to prepare your kids for moving to a new home?

Kids are not different from adults and they understand everything. You can use almost the same way to prepare your kids for relocation as you prepare yourself. The first step is to involve your kids in every step of the move. You can start by choosing a moving date together. The busiest moving day in Canada would be the period from June to September when it’s also a school break. Additionally, you will have some trouble finding free movers in this period and they might be more expensive than usual. For this reason, you can talk with your kids to see if they want to move in the middle of the school year, so you can avoid this busy period for movers. However, if you choose to move long-distance during summer, you have to make sure to drink lots of water and stay hydrated among other preparations.

How much to involve your kids in moving preparations?

Now that you have chosen a moving date together, it’s time to prepare your current home for a move. Before you start packing your belongings, you need first to declutter your home. Kids might not understand right away why they need to say goodbye to some of their toys or clothes. They might even cry, throw a tantrum, or be angry, and you certainly don’t need that in the middle of moving. However, there are the best decluttering tips for kids that you can use, such as the following.

Have a system:

  • Tackle a section at a time
  • Make it fun
  • You should take your kids with you when you are inspecting your new home

You can let them choose their new room and show them around the neighborhood. Make them excited about the new home so they won’t have a problem saying goodbye to the current one.

Communication is the key

The best way to prepare your kids for moving to a new home is through communication. You should constantly talk to them, tell them what you are currently doing and why. Additionally, you can take pictures together in your old home and make a special album as a memory of your current home. Also, while you are preparing for a move, you can show interesting things about your new home and city and make plans to visit fun attractions in the new city.