Why Summer Is the Perfect Season to Buy a Home

June 15, 2022 | Written By: Emma Jones

Inexperienced buyers may underestimate the timing when it comes to putting their homes on the market.  However, the time when you’ll buy your home can affect the speed and success of the sale.  Different seasons bring different conditions in the real estate market and can affect the house prices, inventory, etc.  This brings us to the season, which offers more positive circumstances to the buyers – and that’s the summertime.  See why summer is the perfect season to buy a home, so you can plan your purchase for the most success. 

It’s busy – but in a good way 

Spring and early summertime are probably the busiest time in real estate.  The inventory is high in most markets in the country, resulting in more options to choose from.  However, there are certain things to be aware of when it comes to buying a home in summer.  Don’t forget that many sellers want to move out before the school starts.  Also, as the season is pretty busy, you need to act fast if you see a home you really like.  Just like you, there are many buyers looking at the local market.  Therefore, there are increased chances that multiple buyers are expecting to get the same house as you do. 

Summer is the perfect season to buy a home because it’s easier to get a better deal

The fact that many sellers want to sell their homes before autumn also brings another advantage to the sellers.  As sellers are in a hurry to sell, it’s easier to negotiate and get a better deal.  It’s a great opportunity for sellers to get a home they had their eye on for a while. 

House visits are more enjoyable 

Nice weather during summer makes the house-hunting process more enjoyable.  Looking at homes and visiting open houses is easier to do.  Also, when you take a look at home in summer, you can see what the outdoors will look like in its full bloom.  This allows you to grasp how much maintenance the plants and other items in the backyard need over the summer.  Finally, seeing the complete looks of the surroundings of your new home, you’ll be able to estimate the changes you need to make.  This will help you plan the renovation budget and prepare for the move-in process with ease. 

There’s more time to look at homes 

Summer means the days are longer, which ensures more flexibility in your schedule.  Also, don’t forget the Daylight Saving Time.  You can go house-hunting after work, which is not always possible during winter.  There’s more time to look at houses during the day, making it easier to spot certain issues with homes and negotiate better. 

The high prices myth is not always true 

There’s a myth that more homes sell in summer, but also the one when prices go a lot higher.  However, that’s not completely true.  Broad inventory and a lot of similar homes in one area and other factors can sometimes drop the prices a bit.  Therefore, you shouldn’t give up on a summer purchase just because you’re on a tight budget.  Take a look at a couple of homes in the desired area, and you might be pleasantly surprised. 

How to prepare for buying a home in summer?

Now that you are summer is the time to go house-hunting, let’s take a look at the most essential tips on buying a home. 

Don’t underestimate your competition 

Many buyers expect low competition in the summer months because it’s the vacation season.  However, summer can be pretty busy in real estate, so don’t underestimate the power of your competition.  Act fast if you see a home you like, as homes get off the market pretty fast. 

Find the right agent 

Depending on what type of property you’ll be buying, find an expert with experience in that area.  Contact multiple agents and get recommendations from your friends and family before hiring.  It’s important to hire an agent that puts your needs and interest first.  This way, you’ll be sure the process will go smoothly and quickly.  Local agents know the area well, so it’s best to hire an expert who has a lot of experience with the neighborhood you’re interested in.  Agents are a great choice when buying a home as they can point out potential issues with homes and lead you through the process. 

Know your budget well

If you want to save yourself time and energy, it’s important to know your budget before you go house-hunting.  Consider your income, debts, and savings, so you can be sure of how much you can afford.  This will help you narrow your options and look at homes that are within your budget.  Skipping this step leads to spending more time and ending up disappointed in case you like a house you can’t afford.  Also, don’t’ forget that owning a house comes with certain expenses, so be sure to prepare your budget for them.

Organize the move in advance 

As summer is the perfect season to buy a home, you can expect to buy and move into a new home until September.  That’s why it’s best to schedule your move in advance, especially if you need to move long-distance.  Canada is a huge country, so relocations often include a lot of preparations for travel and transport.  If you prepare your household on time, it will be much easier to start the move once your new home is ready.  Furthermore, early research of the moving professionals will ensure you find the right assistance through the process and have someone to rely on. 

Enjoy the process 

Finding a new home and moving in is truly an exciting process.  However, many people don’t enjoy it, as there are many reasons to worry.  But there’s an easy way to relax and enjoy the ride.  Just be sure not to leave anything to chance.  Plan these events in detail, so you can jump into the market as stress-free as possible.  This is how you’ll see why summer is the perfect season to buy a home and find the property of your dreams.