6 Ways to Make Your New Place Feel Like Home

April 27, 2022 | Written By: Emma Jones

Every house can be a living place, but not every house is a home. Memories incorporated into four walls are what make the difference. Sometimes, you have to leave your home and move. It might be challenging to make your new place feel like home, but it's not impossible. You might initially feel entirely detached from it, like it's just another piece of real estate. But, there are things you can do to speed up the adaptation process.

1. Bring the memories with you

Homes are usually depersonalized before selling. It's your job to fix that when you come. The first thing you want to do is incorporate some personal touches into the space through:

  • accessories
  • artwork
  • photographs
  • and other such things

This will provide the impression that the residence is yours. You may hang some family photographs on the wall or fill one accent wall with movie posters from your favorite films. It will also tell a tale about your life and personality if you have a shelf full of books you enjoy and keepsakes from your trips. Consider what you'd like to see while sitting in your living room or sleeping in your bed while you're alone.

2. Clean it up

Before you start adding to your interior design, the most crucial thing is to clean everything. Fresh sheets and clean floors are a great starting point for a fresh start. However, while it is essential to incorporate various components to create visual warmth, you should avoid producing visual clutter. It is possible to have too much material in the house, even if it is "stacked" in an organized manner, which can lead to mental clutter. As a result, a congested environment will increase stress levels. Be sure to allow enough space on the floor for you to move around freely and enough vertical space for your eyes to scan the rooms uninterruptedly.

Keep all the excess items stored

It might be a good idea to consider renting storage to declutter successfully. Storage experts will make sure that your beloved furniture awaits you just the way it is now. Of course, you'll have to prepare furniture for storage to ensure that it stays safe. Even if your favorite sofa does not work exceptionally well with your interior design, you'll be sure it will remain in good condition for further use.

3. Comfort, comfort, comfort!

Your home's interior might look like it belongs on the front of a design magazine, but if it doesn't encourage you to sit, socialize, or sleep, then what's the purpose of having it? The couch in the living room and the bed in the bedroom are two essential pieces of furniture for which comfort is paramount.

When buying a couch, make sure it is not too narrow. It should be comfortable. Seat depth should be between 21 and 24 inches, with ample back support to allow for comfortable sitting. As for the bed, the frame will be determined by your preference, but you should choose the greatest mattress you can afford, with the most important considerations being support, durability, and comfort.

4. Signature fragrance will make your new place feel like home

There is a fragrance or perfume unique to every household, and some aromas make us feel at ease. Giving your house a signature perfume, whether it's the scent of fresh cotton or the calming scent of lavender, may make you feel more relaxed and comfortable in your own home. As soon as you walk through the door after a hard day at work, there is nothing better than inhaling a familiar scent that immediately puts you at ease. Fragrant candles, fabric sprays, and essential oils in a diffuser are all effective ways to generate this effect.

Keep kitchen odors at bay

The kitchen is the part of the house where the magic happens. But, it is often the smelliest part of the house. That's why you should pay attention to the odors that may come from it. Adding some pleasant fragrance will definitely upgrade your kitchen and make it more enjoyable to spend time in.

5. Befriend the plants

When putting roots in a new place, it's not bad to actually put some roots in. Greenery is proven to be therapeutic to your nervous system. Also, the more oxygen you have, the easier it will be for you to get to a relaxed state. Being at ease at a specific place is the first step to making it home in the long run and avoiding buyer's remorse if you have it. Also, plants can become like children to you. You'll feel accomplished just by keeping them healthy and alive. Unlike actual kids, plants won't have episodes of screaming and getting on your nerves - on the contrary. Plants can also be a fancy addition to your interior design.

6. Have your loved ones over

Nothing makes the place feel like home more than the people in it. Thus, if you're lucky to live with your loved ones - great! If not, invite them over as often as possible, especially in the transitional period. There's a good reason behind 'moving in' parties. When you gather all the people you care about and have fun with them in the new place - it will become more appealing to you naturally.


A home is a place where simple things happen. There are many things you can do to make your new place feel like home. But, the best one is to live, laugh, and love (as cringy as it may sound), and you will indeed feel the difference.

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