Landscaping Tips for Quick Real Estate Sale

September 16, 2022 | Written By: Emma Jones

When selling a house, its exterior and yard are just as important as what is inside. A beautiful interior and a meticulously maintained home are not enough to distract from a disastrously messy yard, for instance. This is why you should study our landscaping tips for quick real estate sale!


Clean clean clean

Step one of ensuring a quick real estate sale is immaculately cleaning your yard. People tend to prioritize the looks of a home even if they should focus on other things. And nothing gives a worse impression on this front than if they walk into a yard full of litter and old stuff you’ve been meaning to throw out in ages. Even past appearances, one of the best ways to help your child adjust to a new home after the relocation is to let them play to their heart’s content. And this is most definitely not safe to do in a yard that looks like a minefield. Of course, pay attention to more ‘minor’ cleanups, too, such as raking or using some other way to get rid of fallen leaves covering your yard.


Trim your grass

Once you finish cleaning, you can start really prettying up your home. One of the essential things to do is to trim your grass perfectly. People love the neat look of a well-maintained yard, even if they will not personally feel compelled to continue maintaining it. A freshly mowed lawn is an easy way to better the impression they have of your home without putting in much work. Which, in turn, should make for a faster sale.


Plant some flowers

The next step focused on what you can do with your yard is to plant flowers. Now, the choice of flowers can be rather tricky here. You should pick flowers that will be in full bloom during your sale. At least if you are reasonably confident that you will manage a quick real estate sale, which, admittedly, a lovely garden will help along significantly. Alternatively, you can pick flowers such as pansy and erysimum, which have incredibly long bloom cycles. After all, while a garden in full bloom is impressive and uplifting, showing potential buyers a garden full of withering and dead flowers would likely have the exact opposite effect. 


Consistently maintain your garden

Now, ideally, you’d get both a quick real estate sale and fulfill your desire to get your house sold at a price that makes you happy. However, sometimes, this is just not possible. This happens if you mistime your entry into the housing market. During the off-season, getting buyers to be competitive and offering a realistic price that matches what your property is worth can be challenging. You will definitely have to play the waiting game for a bit in such a scenario. Unfortunately, this does mean that your previous efforts to glam up your garden would not be enough. You’d need to put some time and work into keeping it in good condition. This might not be what you signed up for, but it will ensure you get the best price and close a sale quickly once the market gets a bit more steam!


Power wash your home

You would be surprised by how much you can improve the looks of your home by thoroughly cleaning it. Once a nearly unnoticeable layer of dust and dirt is washed away, your home will gleam. However, washing a house without adequate tools is not easy. It would take much prep work and even more caution, so you don’t accidentally fall and hurt yourself. Power washing it, however, is much easier and nearly risk-free. Even if you opt just to pay someone to do it for you, power washing is typically much cheaper, not to mention faster, than the more ‘traditional’ cleaning methods.


Touch up your façade

Of course, your façade may not be in perfect condition. Especially if it’s been a while since you’d last had it painted. Luckily, the power wash will help prep your home for a new layer of paint. Removing all dirt and flaking paint will let you call in professionals to paint it without needing to pay them to prepare it for the process. Naturally, you also need to pay attention to replacing rotting windows or your front door if it’s in bad condition. It is not one of the absolute must-do home improvements to make before selling, but consider updating your door anyway because it’s a nice and subtle way to bump up your home’s value. The entrance of your home is one of the first things people will notice, even before entering your home. Therefore, it makes sense to pay special attention to the front door.


Remove all personal decorations

An interesting quirk of people looking for a home is that they want a place that looks nice and is decorated just as well, but that they tend to dislike seeing too many ‘personal’ decorations around. This is because it strongly colors the space as someone else’s home, making it harder for them to imagine owning the property. As such, you must remember to remove all such decorations from your yard and home. This includes removing photos, stickers, and holiday decorations. Just pack them up and leave them in boxes ready for your move.


Add a nice outdoor furniture set

Showing off that the new homeowners can use the yard to lounge and relax is an excellent way to ensure a quick real estate sale. This is especially relevant when discussing which features seniors look for. They tend to prefer homes where they can spend time relaxing outside. And nothing’s as good as convincing them to make the purchase as seeing tidily arranged furniture in your previously meticulously arranged garden! They would get a perfect home to enjoy their retirement, and you’d get your sale done quickly.


Final comment

With our landscaping tips for quick real estate sale under your belt, you can guarantee a quick turnover for your home. Of course, you should still pay attention to things such as the current state of the local housing market. If there is no market to speak of, then no matter how nice your landscaping turns out, it will be impossible to make a sale!